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Don't Lug A Vacuum... Plug in a Beam!

At Etobicoke Service Centre Ltd., we carry a wide range of vacuums and vacuum-related products to fit the needs of your home or business. We carry the full line of Beam Central Vacuum Systems, including the Alliance and Serenity Series. Also available are a wide range of cleaning accessory packages and specialty cleaning tools. In addition to commercial grade vacuums, we also keep a full line of upright, canister and lightweight portable vacuum cleaners in stock, including Electrolux, Sebo, Eureka® and Sanitaire®.

Also, see our wide selection of air filtration systems and replacement filter products.

The following are some benefits of installing a Beam Central Vacuum System in your home:

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Beam central vacuums’ cleaning performance has been tested in professional independent studies. Below are some of the results:

Cleaning Sustainability Study

An independent study found that Beam central vacuum systems were superior to portable vacuums. Beam central vacs ensure a better indoor air quality and showed that they were more sustainable with like-new cleaning performance. The study compared both short and long term soil removal and emissions of leading upright vacuums to central vacuum systems to find their results.

The Research
A series of tests looked at short and long term soil removal and dust emission control of five leading upright vacuums and the Beam Serenity Central Vacuum System. Based in Dalton, Georgia, the technicians at the professional testing lab found that two top-performing upright vacuums’ soil removal fell 10% to nearly 14% from the beginning to the end of the test while the Beam system maintained consistent performance.

The Findings
The president of Professional Testing Laboratory (PLT) Gary Asbury noted that “The Beam system delivered impressive, sustained cleaning capability from the beginning to the end of the study.”

It was also found that the Beam Serenity maintained a consistent emission control. It released less than 6.6 micrograms per cubic metre of respirable particles throughout the study. This was lower than that of the upright vacuums tested. Uprights that maintained their soil removal capabilities saw a strong decrease in filtration which led to increasing particle emissions. These emissions ranged from nearly doubling to more than 4,300 micrograms per cubic metre.

Dust Emissions Test

This test calculated the number of particles released during vacuuming after repeated use.

The vacuums were tested at new condition and after multiple uses. The PTL technicians used the products to vacuum one litre of dirt and debris from previous vacuuming along with 50 grams of ISO Fine dust that included particles as small as dust mites, pollen, mould spores, and other similar contaminates related to health problems.

The technicians repeated the soil removal test until the portable vacuum’s dirt containers were about halfway filled and emptied ten times (something recommended by the manufacturers). The tests took place in a state-of-the-art emissions chamber in order to conduct the measurement of respirable particles released by vacuuming.

Soil Removal Ability Test

This test looked at the vacuums ability to clean carpet after ten uses.

While all the vacuums exposed the user to dust stirred up by emptying the collection receptacles, Beam central vacuum systems’ larger collection receptacle required less frequent emptying and less frequent exposure to that dust. Most of the time a central vacuum collection receptacle is stored in a garage or other similar room which means it is unlikely that dust and dirt will be reintroduced to the living area when emptied.

The results of this study help explain why allergic rhinitis patients who participated in a clinical study at the University of California, Davis, showed a significant reduction in their allergy symptoms when they used a Beam central vacuum system to clean. It was recorded that participants had 44% to 61% improvement of sleep, nasal, non-nasal, eye, and emotional symptoms. They were more active and had fewer practical problems when cleaning with the central system than a portable vacuum.

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